Monday, March 1, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Good Monday to all my sweet peeps! MckMama is the mastermind behind this FABULOUS and FREE therapy session this morning and I need it more than ever today.

I did not enjoy taking Sunday OFF my computer completely. I did not also turn my phone on silent either. It was not liberating. :)

I did not smile when Sandra was worried about me for not being online this weekend.

Since I was going to vacuum anyways, I did not push my crumbs to the floor before vacuuming.

I did not stay up way too late watching the Olympics and am sad to see them end. I did not get really into them this year.

I do not wish that Walmart carried white cranberry juice so I did not have to go to a different store to get it. I would not wish life would be simpler like that...nope not me!

Happy Monday to you!!!

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