Friday, February 12, 2010

First accident

Update: My driver's side is dented above both wheels pretty well, if I do say so myself. Geez! This is not what I needed to hear :(

I am okay! My head & neck are sore but I am more shaken up than anything. I called a friend who had already gotten to school and she said the roads were not bad so I went ahead. School did not start off being cancelled this morning so I headed out and was going down a hill when I hit ice (which was under snow). I swerved in and out of my lane and could not stop. My steering wheel was not manageable and I felt like I was moving in and out of lanes horizontally. The driver in the lane that I came into was hit. His passenger door is a little dented and my drivers' side has a small dent in the door. Other than that, everyone is fine and just shaken up.

I have never had a ticket or an accident so this is new territory for me. When we exchanged insurance information, I lost it. I am counting my blessings and am staying off the dangerous roads until it gets above freezing. In collegetown, we received EIGHT inches of snow today so far and classes were called off after my 8am class for today. My early childhood teacher has already cancelled class for tomorrow and so I don't have to worry about missing class.

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