Monday, January 4, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Good Monday to all my sweet bloggers! Unlike my families, my brother does not go back to school until tomorrow and sister and I are still on "break" from our colleges. SO the house is still very quiet and I am not just sitting here blogging. Have a confession to make about what you did not do this past week, well you are at the right place. Click on the button to view more NMMs! Time to get this free therapy show on the road.

This past week...

I have not hung out in two outfits. One not being my PJs and the other not being my comfy clothes. Nope, not me! I always dress differently each day. Plus I did not wash these two outfits to be able to continue wearing them.

I will not be baking this week (finally) since I missed out over Christmas and New Years with flu(s) and pneumonia.

I did not laugh at my family when they heard the weatherman say "it's going to be the coldest we have seen in years." I do not love the cold and my collegetown is not significantly colder than my hometown in the winter. Guess living out west in Texas has it's advantage of prepping you for the colder temps.

Hope you have a terrific Monday & stay WARM this week.

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