Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

This year starts off a new decade and a year full of opportunities and possibilities. A few people have asked me what my NY resolutions are and I have replied none. Now you may be wondering if I have lost my mind or have gone mad. But the simple truth is that I don't like setting resolutions since I have trouble sticking with them for the entire year, if ya know what I mean. So this year will be a work in progress set with goals. I do better with goals anyways :)

Goal one: Trust-I will work on trusting HIM with the path HE has chosen for me. I sometimes feel that I doubt or question what happens in my life and wonder why. So this year, I will be trusting HIM more and doubting much less.

Goal two: Be good to the body-This means that I will exercise regularly and eat well. Sure there will be times when I am celebrating or have a bad day. But I want to focus on being good to my body on the inside and out.

Goal three: Take time for self-I tend to overbook my schedule and stress myself out really easily, so I will work on taking time for myself whether it be for five minutes to catch a breath or for a night without phonecalls and stress.

2010...a new year and a fresh start

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