Monday, January 25, 2010

Not ME Monday

Are you tired this morning? Did you not put away the laundry? Did you blame someone else for your laziness this morning? MckMama is hosting the lovely free therapy NMM today and I thought I would play along this week.

This past week, I did not...

* Go to bed willingly at 9pm (last night)!

* Make pancakes for breakfast/dinner since I was too lazy to make something else :o

* Have issues with blogging since I have been in a rut.

* Actually enjoy getting up before the sun (okay you can tell me I have lost my mind)!

* Been on a mad cleaning spree and have not gotten addicted to Clorox wipes.

* Watch way too many movies.

* Over 5 alarms on T/TH mornings to be able to workout before my class with the dean of education. That would just be ridiculous!

* Get up at 5:45 this morning to workout even though today and Wednesday I can sleep past 7. I did not choose to get up at this time either :o

* Do a happy dance in the health food store yesterday when I found allergen-free (for me) donuts that taste fabulous!

Have a fabulous Monday!!!

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