Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Let me tell you that I am still adjusting to being back on a college schedule and craziness all day long. My blogging will eventually return to normal soon. My goal is to not stress this week as it is the first week back and I really don't need the extra stress right now. I will let you know how that goes :)

So now you may be wondering why I was intimidated and I am going to tell you. A little background is that I hang out with guy friends all the time and sometimes prefer them over girls. They just crack me up and are way less dramatic than girls and NO...none are anything other than friends. SO last night my Advanced Life guarding class had to take a swim test. You would think that there would be more girls than just me and another girl...but there was NOT! So I am stuck with 13 guys and me and another girl...fabulous! So we had to take a swim test which consisted of swimming 22 laps in a highly chlorinated pool with NO GOGGLES! Let me tell you it was plain heck after with the eyes but that's not where I was intimidated. I start my first two laps off really fast, too fast, and have to stop to breathe. My heart was beating so fast I could not breathe.

So I stopped. Let the boys swim. Did the brick swim test and then the boys left. I waited to redo my swim test until after the 13 boys left. My professor was totally cool about it but this feeling has never happened to me before. I have never been this intimidated by something like this. It may have something to do with the fact that I was in a bathing suit in front of some handsome young men...but it also was the fact that I had to stop in my swim test and redo. There are a few guys who are big ole boys and they finished. There are some guys who are totally adorable and that made me blush a wee bit. Then there are some guys who I have not decided on yet.

Let me just say...I passed my entrance exam to the course and am now enrolled in a class with 13 boys and 2 girls! I will let you know how the semester goes!

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