Friday, January 15, 2010

A week without stress is possible

Earlier this week, I commented on FB & twitter that I was going to attempt to not be stressed and I have to tell you the is not easy not being stressed. Monday was easy, Tuesday I was good until I was working on a calendar and I almost killed the computer/printer at school but I survived. Wednesday was great and Thursday was starting to ware on me a tad but I just remembered my challenge to myself and get through this week.

SO...I can officially say that my "school week" is almost over...finally...and I survived a week without stress...during school! I can already tell ya that Friday will be smooth sailing since I only have one class (8-11:30) and it involves decorating a classroom in preparations for a preschool adventure each Friday for the rest of the semester. I am SO EXCITED about this class. I get to teach preschoolers each Friday and get class credit. Ideal situation for me!

This weekend I have LOADS and I mean LOADS of reading to complete and notes to take...but I am just a-okay with that since it is the weekend by golly and I have Monday off for MLK. Can I get a woo-hoo?! Stress will not be a part of my weekend this week. I can assure you of that. I am also excited to watch football all weekend long too. Superbowl Sunday (2/7) is just a little ways away and I am counting down.

I am also a little, okay A LOT, excited about catching up with my blogging peeps! I have missed you this week but I am still getting used to a busy and hectic life back at college and by 10pm...I am done. So bare with me as I adjust :)

Hope you have had a wonderful week! Are you glad it's Friday???


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