Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Meet Holly...my sweet companion who follows me around the house, sits in my lap, and brings smiles to my face on a daily basis (when I am home). Holly is our family's 13 year old poodle and she is my light at the end of a long day. Now you may be thinking...how can a dog be a light? Well...I will tell ya! During my last illness, I was (am still) on breathing treatments every four hours. Sweet Holly was right there beside me trying to "catch" the treatment too. She also thinks the nebulizer tubing, which makes noise, is a toy as well. She may be 13 but the puppy side of her comes out when she plays.

This sweet dog is also very spoiled too. She will paw at the newspaper or book or whatever you are reading and expect you to drop what you are reading and pet her. She will also paw at whatever is in her way and expect it to be moved while she gets cozy. Holly makes me smile daily and I am very grateful to have such a good pup!

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