Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still feelin' fluy

Beth asked me how I was recovering from the flu and has kicked me through and through. My asthma has kicked into gear (not the best timing) and I have been hacking and coughing away. I was put on steroids (prednisone) and they are not the most helpful sleep agents around. Breathing treatments are being given around the clock, every four hours and they are not that much fun either. I am on day six of fever over 100* (which is high for me) and am just feelin' lousy. Right now, I am only eating apples, rice chips, and pretzels. Water has become my best friend too.

Yesterday I asked my mom why my brother got over the flu so much more quickly than I and she said "he has a much better immune system than you do." So true...soo not fair!

So right now...I am still fluy but looking forward to feeling better soon!

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