Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sisterly love...HA!

Hope your weekend has been grand. Can I tell you a secret? Sisterly love is non-existent right now and I would LOVE for it to come back soon.

You see, my sister and I are both type A people who have "issues" with people micromanaging our lives and we don't like being told what to do. Well Miss E, that would be me, has a motherly instinct to her and usually tells people what to do in a nice, sweet way. Well Miss C, sister, is stubborn & goes for MY jugular every single time we get into a tiff. She does not do this with her friends...she just does it with me and I do not appreciate it! I have NO PROBLEM at school without her, but when we get home, watch out world! I am usually pretty nice, unless I get mad, but C is so matter of fact with me that it is tough to live with sometimes. C & I really do love each other...but when her temper and my sensitive feelings get in the could lead to a WWIII.

For instance, tonight I said I was going to take a shower and she said "don't get any more water on my carpet since it has been wet every time this week." WELL EXCUSE ME...C (who said it in a mean way), the carpet was wet when I was in there last night and her response was...Did you hear what I said? UH...I can't win!

She pushes my buttons and is MEAN sometimes...and I am still trying to love her!

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