Monday, December 21, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Good Monday to all you sweet blogger friends! If you live up North, I hope you survived the snow. If you live anywhere else...I hope you just stayed warm. MckMama is the mastermind behind this wonder and FREE therapy gig we call Not Me Monday. SO click on the button above to see more NMM posts.

** I do not have Christmas shopping left to do and I am not not stressed about it! Honestly...I have a list and I am checking it off person by person!

** This past week I did not get into it with my sister and repeatedly say "It's gonna be a long month" since we were arguing, yet again, with each other. We are not both home from college :o

** I did not spend the weekend watching GREAT movies on TV and watching football.

** My dad did not say that he would not not go to the "yahoo" church service yesterday morning. The yahoo refers to the non-traditional church service.

** I do not have PJ pants that have small holes in them and I refuse to throw away the said pants because they are THAT comfy. Nope...not me!

Have a fabulous Monday!!!

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