Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh's about time I saw you. Want to see more people spill their guts out tell you what they did not do this past week, then click on the button!

** I did not sleep all day on Saturday only waking at 11, 1, and 5:30. I then did not get up at 6pm to prepare myself for a Christmas party.

** I did not pull way too many all nighters this past week. Nope not me!

** I did not grate my thumb with the cheese grater as well as slice my index finger in about five minutes all on the same hand last night.

** I did not have an absolute blast at an end of semester party with little kiddos, college friends, and adults at a gymnastics sports center last night. Oh and I do not hurt from it today ;)

** My poor kitchen did not look like a tornado of flour had gone through it on Friday night. I did not bake gluten/wheat/soy/nut free foods either from SCRATCH! I did not feel really domesticated that night either!

Have a super Monday

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