Friday, December 11, 2009

Heck of a week

Over Thanksgiving my internet light went out and my wireless stopped working. In collegetown, I plug my computer into a cord, so I never had to worry about it. The "problem" could have occurred earlier than Thanksgiving but I did not know since I plug in in Collegetown.

My dad's computer tech guy completely took apart EVERY piece to try to fix the switch...but had no luck. SO after four hours today, I made a quick run to Best Buy for an USB Netgear antennae and I now have is a REALLY good thing people. Sure I could have used the desktop at home, but I have all of my blogs on my computer just a click away. So the light on the switch may be off-orange instead of blue...but my USB antennae is working GREAT :) Let me keep it this way and I will be as happy as a clam ;)

I made it through hell week f.i.n.a.l.s. and now am just waiting on the grades. I know I have four A's for sure...but not knowing the other three will is the toughest part. I will let you know how I did as soon as I know.

I am very crabby tonight and just have no desire to do anything but sit, blog, and read. I think I deserve it ;)

Many tears were shed and over the past month, many nights of sleep lost, but getting through this semester has shown me I can get through anything that is THROWN my way!

Oh and I had toe surgery, on both feet on Wednesday! What the heck was I thinking?!?!

On a home note, my brother and I share a bathroom and have our own sinks. When we got back from Houston on Friday after Thanksgiving, our flood...carpet was completely soaked. Now that the water had finally dried, dad said tonight "it will all have to come out since there is mold." WELL ain't that grand?!?!

Thank YOU for the love, hugs, and encouragement through this semester. YOUR kind words mean so much!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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