Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally time to catch-up

Okay sweet peeps! After my internet has been fixed, clothes have been washed, and work has been done...I FINALLY have time to catch up with the internet world and I LOVE it! You see...after work and school, on regular days, I am WIPED! But now...I have time :) Oh and that makes my day!!!

This weekend, though, thinks it will outsmart me! Parents' are going to a Christmas party for dad's boss and brother & I are going the babysit(me) and hang (him) with a guy's kiddos, one who has cerebral palsy. I am actually REALLY looking forward to this. Sure "special" kiddos have my heart...but they also teach me something every time and I can.not.wait! This family has had a tough time with the older son's care and the people he is seen by. So I volunteered to hang instead of being paid and I think it made their day. I have no problem not being paid but the expression that I got from this family is unreal. I will blog about it tomorrow or Monday on how the evening went :)

Tomorrow...I am greeting/teaching/ushering at church in the morning and afternoon and I would not have it any.other.way! I LOVE FUMC Grapevine and consider it/them my family! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are staying warm!

Happy Saturday!!!

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