Saturday, November 28, 2009

When it pours

Hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and celebration. Apparently...when it rains, it pours because my luck has not been too hot lately.

** There is a water in my brother's and my bathroom therefore the water has been turned off and the carpet will have to be ripped up eventually.

** My laptop's antenna is not working therefore I am not able to use my wireless laptop at home. The BAD thing about this is that the light that says it is on is NOT lighting up. My computer will probably go into the shop when I return home in two weeks...lovely news ain't it?! I can still use it in collegetown since I plug in my Internet connection there...phew!

** Dad and I spent 5+ hours outside today and I am praying (fingers crossed) that I don't get sick.

** Holiday post is in the making soon...right now I have a mountain of homework to do.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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