Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poor parenting & Livid thoughts

I went to Subway for my Tuesday night dinner routine after class and was going to study while there. But my plan was overthrown by three teenage mothers and their SIX, yep SIX, kids under two. There were three little ones that could walk, two babies in carriers, and one (about nine month old) baby on a lap. Chaos soon erupted. While one mother stood in line (which was long), the two other mothers hung with the kiddos. The three little ones that could walk were running crazy around the place. Then the babies started crying. What does one mother do to a itty bitty baby...tells him to be quiet! SERIOUSLY?!?!

Oh no...it gets better...then the baby sitting on a lap gets figity...so the mother puts her on the floor and lets her crawl around...ewwww! The toddlers are going nuts, running around, and then the other baby in the carrier starts to cry. SO while all two mothers, who are supposed to be watching the kids, are texting on their phones; one reaches over and feeds the baby the bottle while texting.

Then the baby who is on the floor comes back to the lap. Then the three toddlers want some chips and the mothers supposedly split them up and give them to the three toddlers AND the 9-month old too. What in the HECK are they thinking? Who in the heck would give a baby Doritos???? I can't explain it. It was not just one Dorito either! Oh and the supposed mothers are still texting away and eating Doritos now too.


The mother, who was in line, comes back with a 44-oz Coke that all three mothers and children are sharing. Oh my goodness...I LOST it there! I had to leave before something mean came out. The thing that irritated me the most was that the 9-month old also drank the coke too...HELLO who in their right mind would give a baby Coke??? I thought the mother would be getting the kids something to eat rather than chips and coke for dinner. But no...

I have NEVER experienced or seen this style or poor parenting before and hope to never see it again. These three "mothers" were obviously immature, self-centered, and very young. Think high school. Something I could not stand (as well) was how all three mothers went about texting while they supposedly watched their babies...

I can promise you one thing about this whole situation...I will never allow my 9 month old to crawl on the floor, drink coke, and eat Doritos!!! Does this anger/upset anyone else?

What were they thinking???

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