Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordful Wednesday...fee style

Please know this following is a vent and could be humorous to some!!! You have been warned.
Have you ever been overwhelmed by how much things cost?! Have you ever wanted to just scream at the top of your lungs because you get another call, from another company, saying that your "bill is...." or "your rate will be..." or "it will take x amount to fix?" Well this has been my week and it's only Wednesday.

It started on Monday, when my truck had to be put into the shop b/c it was towed...well I get the dreaded call no owner wants...your truck needs this, and this, and this repaired/replaced!

Then when I pick it up on was expensive. Let's just say that!!

Then...I get a call on Wednesday saying my electricity has been shut off and apparently it is against the law to not have electricity on in the apartment. AHH!! So after shelling out more $$ to pay the bill, I get the electricity turned back on. Thank you Reliant for making me shell out more money!

Then I figure out that I need to call my Internet provider and make sure that bill is paid too.

Thank you Suddenlink for taking more of my money!!!

Then and only then, while I was driving out of the Dodge car lot, I realized I needed:

Do people realize that I do not have a

Trying to look up...priceless!!!

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