Monday, August 3, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Hello to the bloggy world...can you believe it's Monday?! I know it's the day after Sunday, but still. I am unsure if MckMama, the creator of Not Me Mondays, is doing this gig this week, but I thought I would go ahead and put my 2 cents in :) Ok, time to be brutally honest on the not homefront!

** I did not check the computer for the umpteenth time this morning to see how Stellan was doing.

** I am not so relieved that he is doing better right now and the hospital doctors found the right combination of medicine for him.

** I did not eat a late night snack of popcorn at 12am on Sunday morning since I was hungry. Nope, not ME! I do not eat after dinner.

** I did not have a full glass of OJ on my night stand and then knock it half over while reaching for it on Sunday. NOPE...not me! I now know that that is why I do not bring sticky drinks upstairs ;)

** After this post, I am not 7 posts away from 500! I seriously can not not believe that I am so close!

** I did not laugh at my brother last night when he told me that I was going to get up at 6AM this morning and workout{and sweat}before going to work with Tweens, from church, at Grace{donation center}.

** I did not then listen to my drill Sergeant brother and workout before work this morning! I know...not me!!!

** I did not jump for joy, this morning, when I realized I actually got a good night's sleep last night. I have not been dealing with insomnia and have not had a great night's rest in about five nights.

** I did not cry when the father and daughter made up on Army Wives last night! I am not starting to get emotional like that ;o

Hope you have a fabulous Monday and enjoy your day!!!

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