Sunday, August 23, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Since I don't have children of my own...yet...I am participating in the regular, instead of Not My Child, Not Me Monday. So thank MckMama for creating this FABULOUS and FREE therapy session. Plus...who doesn't like to relate or laugh with other bloggers?! So here we go...

** I am not writing this post a day early since I know tomorrow, the first day of school, will not be hectic and exhausting!

** This past week, I did not find some french fries that I could eat and just eat them for dinner. Nope...not me! I always eat healthy and well-balanced meals ;)

** I did not pop open a Diet Dr. Pepper and just take a few sips of it. I was not craving it and have not not had soda in three years.

** I have not foiled my apartment bedroom window due to the light outside my window at night. I did not get this idea from my dad.

** I did not clean out the dishwasher at midnight on Saturday night and did not think it was cool not have to be quiet while doing so. My family was not out of town while I did this :)

** I am not starting my junior year of college today and am not nervous either :o

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

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