Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have a bunch to say...Wordful Wednesday

Let me just start out and say that this week has been crazy, hectic, interesting, and BUSY...& it's only Wednesday. This week I started classes again, my schedule has been changed FOUR times in three days, and I must admit that by the time all my meetings and such are over with...all I want to do is CRASH! Hopefully, crossing my fingers, next week will be easier and smoother flowing.

Classes, so far, are going well and I really have not had syllabus shock as of yet. I may come November, but right now I am ok. Just trying to get back into the swing of things right now. Plus my 9pm meetings on Tuesday nights really did me in last night. Who plans 9pm meetings anyways?!?! I'll tell you who...the newspaper on campus.

My apartment is okay. I will be asking for the exterminators to spray for bugs as I have seem ants the past two days, just a few, in my bathroom and on my walls.

My mom and I had put up foil on my window so that the light from the outside would not come in at night. Maintenance took it down on Monday and told me I could not have it up. Well, I marched into the office yesterday and asked for my window to be sealed and why foil could not be placed up?! Well, they fixed my window but the foil had to come down.

I found out why the foil could not be up last night from my advisor and reporter friend. Simple answer...drug houses put foil or wood on their windows so the police can not see inside if they are investigating the house/apartment. Who would have known?!?! INTERESTING news to me :o Long answer is that about ten years ago, Collegetown had issues with drugs and such and it was a huge mess. Now they are trying to avoid this from happening in the apartments, so no foil for me...PLUS I am now ok with why they took down the foil. The things you learn amaze me.

I am also excited because I am in Aquacise this semester and I LOVE the water. So this {hopefully} will be a great thing too. I have taken a few classes and am hoping for the best this semester :)

Oh and I am also starting round 2 of the Shred tonight. I even went to Target, since Wally-world was out, and got me my weights. So...updates accountability will be back daily :) I have learned that this is my stress reliever and does make me feel better, so I am starting Round II tonight :) Oh and yes...I am excited!!! And just to clarify, I am doing another 30 days with the DvD. There is no new one, just another round of it. I did see another one of her videos that I may try too...another month I come :)

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