Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Shirt & the comments...

After reading Suzanne's post about her shirt, I thought I would post about this shirt and the comments I have received as well. Thanks for the idea Suzanne.

This was my t-shirt, front & back, from VBS this year. Before this year, many volunteers would get a VBS shirt and not really want to wear it out in public do to the design or shape. But this year, the shirt made the A-list among the VBS staff, parents of children, and the children.

But it was outside the church that impacted me the most.

I received several comments, such as:
** "Cool shirt"
** "What a cool shirt...where did you get it?"
** "What a great shirt"
** "Nice shirt" liked this one the most since I got it from a guy at the aquarium
** "I like that shirt" from a 3 year old

The message this year is simple GOD is GOOD...all the time...All the time...GOD is GOOD!!!

I was amazed at the response of the shirt and will continue to wear it with pride. I am a VERY HAPPY camper this year too!!!!

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