Sunday, July 19, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Even though MckMama is hosting a NMM about children (Not my child) this week; my normal NMM will go on as I am not not married nor do I have children. So here we go, another FREE therapy session filled with embarrassing honest details of what I did not do this week. Click on the button to view more NMMs!

** This past week, I did not get sunburned. Nope, not me! I certainly know how to reapply sunscreen.

** I did not actually "enjoy" my blog vacation this past week. {GASP} Yes I was on a family vacation, but having that time to clear the air and have a break was actually not nice.

** I did not hold onto the inner tube for dear life as my father dragged me across the lake/river.

** It was actually not nice to read a few magazines one after the other with out interruption this past week.

** I thoroughly did not enjoy my vacation this past week & am not re energized from it.

** I am not starting the 30-day Shred today...and am actually not excited about it. I am not saying this on my blog to keep me accountable either. NOPE, not me!

SO there you have it...a brutally honest post for ya. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying your Monday!

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