Thursday, July 2, 2009

MckLinky blog hop

Hi sweet peeps! MckMama & Brent Riggs have teamed up and created this wonderful system that includes a FREE MckLinky. Brent created the code and I am overwhelmed with the amount of talent he has and shows through his work. Every month there will be a theme for the blog hop and this month's is introduction to your blog. This is the first MckLinky blog hop!

Welcome to my blog: FollowingHIM. This blog is about many different things, from about me to college life to special education. Nothing is off limits and I frequently write about my faith, my struggles, and my life. I have come to LOVE comments and if you visit my blog/comment, I will certainly hop over to yours and leave you one too. I am a supporter and will never, ever, leave a harsh word on your blog. This is my outlet in life and being able to write sure helps me too!

MckLinky Blog Hop

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