Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just a little update on how the weekend went before my NMM goes up tomorrow morning! This weekend has challenged my heart, made me smile, made me cry, and made me laugh.

My sister graduated and that was sweet (plus I cried). I got TONS of picts and that was so sweet :) I got to chill w/family friends & I also got to hang with my cousin from MO and that was AMAZING!

The sour notes of the weekend included my other older cousin telling me that children's ministers are lazy & the children's departments in a church do nothing. Mind you, she works as a youth pastor's assistant! Oh and it gets better...she told me my internship (you know, summer job) is stupid. Let's just say I got that fumed in ten minutes and my Nonni definitely got a venting phone call the moment I could escape.

While on the cousin note...she wants to argue, but uh...when I come back and defend my view, she gets irritated and says I am wrong and rolls her eyes...come on...I am supposed to be the younger one here ;)

Another sour note included the constant comments and nit-picking! We had 1o people in my house this weekend (about 50 for the party) and everyone was un-shy about making their snide little comments.

So there you have it! A short & condensed weekend for ya. YES more details will come later, but I am EXHAUSTED and have not gotten a good night's sleep since Thursday! Company leaves mid-morning on Monday too. I am SO READY for live to get back to normal!


Nicole O'Dell said...

UGH! So sorry that things were strained, to say the least. People ned some manners it sounds like. And, your cousin is dead wrong abou youth ministries--maybe that's the way it is at her church, but I'm sure it's very different at yours!

Let it just roll off your back, it's almost over.


jag said...

What is it they say about not being able to choose our family?! Sorry you had some sour notes hon. Hope your next gathering is sweeter!

Tobi said...

Don't worry about the snarky comments from your cousin. She sounds like she needs an attitude adjustment. I mean seriously are they torturing the kids at your church? I think NOT!

Enjoy your time with your family and try to get a decent amount of sleep tonight!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Sorry your weekend had some sour points, but it sounds like a great one with loads of fun family and friends. Congrats to your little sister on her graduation - and pooh to your cousin, she just sounds like a bitter person...her loss.

McCrakensx4 said...

So glad that your sister had a good grad and party and that you were able to sit and chat with your nice cousin. Sounds like your older cousin needs some manner lessons. I know that it is hard to do, but be the better person and let it roll. Obviously something in her life is not going the way she wants it too...maybe she is working too hard.

You my dear are making a difference in this workd and in the lives of the children!

Take care

Murry Mayhem said...

So sorry to hear that your cousin was negative. I applaud your work! My mother ran our children's department at our church for over 10 year's, as well as the Mother's Day out program, so I know better than most how much work was put into making them run! And I can assure you, there was nothing lazy about it!

Please don't let someone else's negative words make you falter in your spirit!

kk said...

Always feels great to vent after family doesn't it!!!You are in control of what effects you - remember that family always pushes buttons! You know how marvelous you are and how hard you have worked for everything you are and do!
It would be incredible if we could pick out families - but we do get to pick our friends and that helps aLOT!