Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Time for some free therapy, laughs, and giggles as we receive our FREE therapy for the week. MckMama is the mastermind behind the Not me Monday movement! Click on the button above to view more Not Me! Monday posts. Ok, Ok, Ok, here is mine now:

** I did not have the absolute best time at VBS this past week!

** I did not enjoy watching movies all weekend long!

** I did not lay in bed sick as a dog while writing this post!

** My sister did not say while eating a dessert I can not eat "I actually feel sorry for you not being able to eat this cookie." Caring or Sarcastic...take your pick!

** I have not lost my voice, due to VBS, and sound like a whisper-er of sorts!

Ok! So there you have it! A Not Me Monday post...even while I am sick as a dog. Hope you had a great weekend!

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