Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Use your imagination & questions

Use your imagination on this post as I can't take pictures and will be describing the room that I am in to you...ok? Here we go!
The room that I am in is like a classroom yet with a teacher's workroom inside and a library all in ONE. You see, ACU has this room that is set up like BIG people centers with die-cuts, computers, library books, tables, BIG books, and printers. This place is my new haven. There is color on the walls, pictures galore, and a "pretend" classroom to teach in. This place allows in the process education majors to come in and use all of these AMAZING materials. I am so jealous that my college does not have a room like this! Of course we have an early childhood classroom, but NOTHING like this...! This is like a teacher to be's dream room...or it could just be my dream!
Now I have two questions for you...ready? Here we go:
1. What was your favorite thing in elementary school that was labeled "teachers/staff only?" Come on, did you not like the work/mail room or office? Time to be real here :)
2. If you could go back in time and change something about elementary school, what would it be and why?
3. What was/is your favorite thing about the classroom setting? It could be the colors to manipulates or the games played :)
4. What was your least favorite thing about the classroom setting?
5. Did you have a good classroom teacher in elementary school that impacted your life? If so, tell me!

After a few days, I will compile all the answers, including mine, and post them! I want your opinions first :)
Hope you are having a great Wednesday!


Rachel said...

My first teacher's name was Ms. Thorn. She worked in the special ed classroom of a large school. She was kind and patient and continued to inspire my love of reading (which is really a love of learning, right?)

I still have the book she gave me ("Be Nice to Spiders") in preschool - which is more of an antique than I want to admit!

Teachers make a difference!

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

First -- ACU is my Alma Mater!

I loved Miss Duckworth in 1st grade. I know, the name seems unreal, but she was very real. There were huge cut-outs on the walls of "Little Miss Mary, Quite Contrary" and others. I remember the colors, and the clean smell.

Miss Jones in 2nd grade made me want to teach, though I didn't wind up in that profession. I loved the small reading groups and the way she spent time looking us in the eyes and smiling and encouraging us. We felt very important.

Nikki said...

1. I'd have to go with the ice cold Dr. Peppers on the top left shelf of the fridge.

2. Hmmm. Can't think of a thing.

3. How homey it was ;)

4. The fact that my teacher could send me to my room for misbehaving.

5. I had a great elementary school teacher! Her name was Mrs. W. (also, affectionately referred to as "Momma"). In addition to our traditional daily lessons (math, science, history, etc.), she turned everything we did into a fun learning experience (i.e. we've made homemade laundry soap and dish washing detergent, we've planted many gardens and learned how to can numerous things, and we've taken plenty of field trips).

Probably not the type of answers you're looking for... But I couldn't resist ;)