Thursday, May 21, 2009


Many of you are aware that MckMama, Stellan's mama, and her family had a news story reported about them and it aired last night. I totally encourage ALL of you to watch it. HERE is the link. I was a basket case as I watched this sweet story unfold before my very eyes and I wanted to share with you why this sweet family has made a HUGE impact on me!

** In utero, Stellan was supposed to die...but he did not!

** After being born, Stellan was told there was nothing (that the docs could find) wrong with him.

** At four months old, Stellan started having some trouble and the world (via MckMama's blog) prayed! Stellan and MckMama were away from their family for six weeks and the world helped this sweet family out with Care-packages, prayers, blog posts, and whatever else they needed.

** A world of different people from different countries/states/nations came together and PRAYED and PRAYED for this sweetheart and his family. This totally blows me away of how a world of so many could come together and UNITE for this sweetheart. I have been amazed at the support that the MckFamily has received and continues to receive. Stellan's SVT may not be cured, but there are still so many people praying for him. Amazing how HE (God) can bring us all together, make us disregard the little, and PRAY together for Stellan!

If you would have told me that a blog, MckMama's blog, would bring us all together for this little man and on my knees in prayer a year ago, I may have been skeptical, but NOW...I totally understand and believe ANYTHING is possible!

So A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Wasn't it sweet! I loved it!
Thanks for the twit, btw. I had to install new software on my work computer, and I lost a bunch of crap. our tech guy bites!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

it is truly amazing! thank you for posting this!

Beth E. said...

I saw the was great!

MckMama's blog and little Stellan have impacted the lives of many of us. :o)


Beth E. said...

Would you mind sharing your email address with me? There have been times when I wanted to ask you something...or share something, but privately. :o)

If you are willing to do this, go to my profile page, where there's a link to my email. Thanks!

Beth said...

That news story was awesome. And then have you noticed, the happy meals names have been revealed!

E @ Scottsville said...

I 'met' MckMama online when she was just four days away from having Stellan. So I was right there praying him into this world and have followed every step of his journey since! It is an awesome AMACING thing to be a small part of, isn't it? =0)

We even sent our little Stellan name photo in, and it is on his wall of Names!