Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm back and have LOTS to say

Just as a warning...this will be a long post. There is so much I want/need to say and I have decided just to put it all in one post.

As many of you know, this past week was the most hellacious week of the semester. To top it off, on Friday morning my lesson plans and every single activity was lost on my computer. I went to bed at 3:30am and woke up at 6:30 and they were gone. Yes, I searched every file and temporary file, but to no avail, they were GONE. So the tears really flowed. As a last attempt, I madly tried to retype every single one. But I could not do it all in time. You see I have four classes in a ROW on M-W-F and did not have enough time. The professor was actually really nice and gave the entire class a break. They will be due next week and I was so excited and glad that he was so nice. I know I cried for some of the morning because I was so scared something would happen, but worst of my thoughts did not happen.

This past week I also had another first. I went on 3hours of sleep in two days. Let me tell ya, I slept for 14 hours last night and needed every single second of sleep. This was an extreme that had to be done, but I will try never to do this again. I have pulled all nighters in my life, but this was just too much. Oh and to all you mamas out there, I will get some more sleep tonight and get plenty of rest this week.

Finals are this coming week. I have SIX, yes six, of them. I am devoting tomorrow afternoon from 3 on in the library as I prepare for them. The library has become my second home lately as I have been spending 20+ hours in this place. The staff actually know me by name and welcome me "home" as I walk through the doors. Some have seen me each and everyday this week!

Learning about what life has in store for me has been trying this week. I had many moments were I wondered "why me" but, for some reason, I felt at peace each and every time. There were extreme moments when I was anxious, worried, or stressed, but I know I felt God's grace and hands on me through out the week. I also felt your prayers. There were times when I said "I can't do this" or "I am stressed to my max" and felt relief immediately. I can't explain it, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the prayers. I really appreciate your help this past week. Knowing that I can do things and accomplish goals are amazing things.

Next weekend, I am moving. So two days after my finals and two days before Maymester starts, I am moving. The reasons include rat infestation and bad neighbors. I will not go into why they are bad, but it is just a bad situation overall. I have friends moving me on Saturday and I am very excited. I have the boxes, tape, and bags and will pack this week.
Now onto my opinion about two things. Please know that these are MY opinions:

Swine flu: I understand the affect of this, but the media and all its hype is WAY TOO MUCH! The media is supposed to inform and not make people hysterical. The US is a little on the hysterical side right now. Yes this virus is airborne, but there is help for those who fall victim to this virus.

World's Meanest Parents and Nanny 911: This Saturday night I watched Nanny 911 and World's Meanest Parents. I have to say that I am shocked with the kids' behavior on Nanny 911. Most kids, while they are little, have a schedule and those who are lacking one, usually act out or crave attention. When kids have a schedule they know what will happen, for the most part, next. Yes kids still misbehave on occasion, but not near as much. It is amazing how some kids are acting before a nanny from Nanny 911 comes in! Worlds Meanest Parents is about 2 teens, each different, weekly who go to a new home of strict parents and their own family. There the teens learn respect and discipline from loving, yet strict parents. The parents are strict, yet fair. The teens that visit are usually smokers/drinkers/out of control. These parents guide the teens and let them know how to behave. Trust is talked about and the teenagers learn what it means when they lose privileges. Overall...I believe that Worlds Meanest Parents is a GREAT idea.
My family raised me to be honest and understanding of people. Trust was also a huge issue in our household and each child lost trust by lying or doing something wrong. I did, as a kid, struggle with telling the truth. I have learned that the truth sometimes hurts, but is the best thing. Having that support system of family help me through my truthful struggles is very comforting and great, in my opinion. Yes, everyone struggles here and there, but being disciplined to be able to recognize that is huge. Everyday there is a struggle, but with support; anything is possible and doable.

I have learned that I am also so BLESSED by family and friends (bloggers included). It felt so good to be able to read your comments throughout the week. You have no idea how special they made me feel. Sometimes, there are times when I want to quit but you gave me strength and I am very grateful! Thanks again!

I will be back tomorrow for a special post to my sister as well as on Monday for Not Me Monday as MckMama has said she will be posting NMM. I am now excited for Monday :) Hope this post was not too, too long! Hope you and your family are having a great weekend!


d.a.r. said...

Welcome back!! Glad you are starting to get some rest and make some progress even though it seemed a little hairy there for a while. Good luck on finals!!

And I could not agree MORE about all of the ridiculous fear mongering that the media is doing right now. Insane.

Tim said...

Im so praying for you for great scores on ALL of your finals. I remember how stressful those times were. You have more than enough strength to push thru and I know you will do so with flying colors!

You should for sure do a Vlogemotions post at The Fort. I know you have so many supporters who would love to meet you in person. Please consider it.

Love and Prayers,


jag said...

Hey girl! Praying for you as you tackle finals! I can't tell you how terrible I felt for you as I read about you loosing those files! I could just imagine being back in college and having that happen. Doing ALL that work and having it gone the very day you need it?! I would be a wreck! When I got to the part about your KIND professor extending the date, my heart was so relieved! BTW, it seems I heard someone on the news talking about "ground zero" while mentioning swine flue. Agreed, it's nasty, but "ground zero" just sounds like impending doom!

Kelsey said...

Welcome back! It sounds like your week has been crazy. I lost one paper that I had just written this week--I can't imagine losing everything. Yikes! I'm glad it turned out ok. GOOD LUCK next week. I'll be praying for you!

Martha said...

So good to have you back! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of all of your work. I am already praying for your week next week! Jason just took his last final and was so relieved. Just know that I care and am thinking about you!

Beth E. said...

I enjoyed your post! I've missed you. :o)

Billy had problems with his computer during his first year of college. It crashed and he lost EVERYTHING!!! This happened to a friend of his a few weeks earlier and the friend had to withdraw from the entire semester. The professors were not very understanding. Anyway, after that happened, Billy backed up everything. So, when his computer crashed, he didn't lose all of his work. He got an external hard drive and now backs up everything on that. Also, he has several thumb drives he uses. Maybe you could do that for the future? I hate that you lost all of your work!

I'm hoping you can get lots of rest this weekend, before exams start.

I am soooo glad you are moving! RATS???? Ewww...

Stop by to see me if you have a chance. I've posted a video!!!

Love ya,

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

Agree about the hype. Isn't it sad?

Praying for peace for you and resistance against the Evil One who challenges your faith.

Angels around you today and the rest of the semester.

Tobi said...

I'm very happy to hear from you again. Glad you made it through your trying week.

Moving sounds like an excellent idea. I would move too if I had rats. GROSS!

Nikki said...

Hooray for making it through this past week! I'm sorry to hear that you have six finals this upcoming week. But just think, the end is so near! I know you'll do great on them all! We started finals on Friday and had them on Saturday too. So this upcoming week, we just go through Wednesday.

Saw (on Twitter) that you watched this past week's Grey's. Wasn't it great?! I'll be so sad when the season is over ;)

Thanks for the sweet encouraging words last night. I appreciate them! Good luck this week!

Nicole O'Dell said...

I'm so glad that your week is over! I was worried abotu you that day when you lost everything you had worked on!

Prayers for your finals...for good recall and a sound mind.