Monday, February 9, 2009

Tuesday Tribute for Abby

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If you have not pressed on my left hand side "Praying for Abby" button, you should. Her story and updates will change your life. This four year old is fighting leukemia and is only four. She does not feel sorry for herself and her smile is contagious. Abby's family is her ROCK and she loves fan support. Check out the Riggs family blog by clicking on Abby's button.

Seriously! This young lady is making a difference in the world and she is only four. Today, my Tuesday Tribute goes to Abby for staying strong and fighting this cancer straight in the face. She may only be four, but she is wiser and stronger beyond her years!

Personal note: Abby, you are so strong and I wish I had as much strength and endurance as you do today. Please feel better soon and keep smiling! Love you sweet girl!!!!

Fight Abby Fight!!!!


Elaine said...

What a great tribute..

Jenn said...

She really is such a strong little girl. No little girl should have to be that strong at such a young age. She, as well as every other sick child, is in my prayers.

Wayne said...

This little girl is so brave thankyou so much for making me aware of this little girls fight against cancer. your tribute is a great one and thankyou so much for taking part in tribute tuesday

Natalie said...

You're tribute is wonderful!!!! Abby is the bravest 4 year old I've ever heard about

Beth E. said...

Abby is a precious little girl! I have also been praying for her.

Great tribute!

(((HUGS))) :o)

Courtney Kay said...

I love Abby!

Samantha said...

She's a strong-un, little Abby is =]
Great tribute.

Lindsey said...

Awesome tribute!!

The Thompson's said...

Great tribute Elyse. Then again I dont ever expect less from such a great friend whom I have come to know and love because she is so caring.

Love and Prayers to Abby and her Family,


Robin said...

Hi there!
You have a beautiful blog. This was such a loving tribute! I love reading Serious Life Magazine and have sweet Abby in my prayers!