Sunday, February 8, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Guess what? Queen (she is royalty now) MckMama is genius for starting this Not Me Monday post. Seriously, I look forward to it each Monday and this whole free therapy is a major plus. So hunker I crack myself up down for some embarrassing things that did not happen this past week.

** I did not not sugar coat my answers in a meeting on Tuesday and just did not blurt out anything that came to mind. Mind you, this meeting was not at 9pm on Tuesday night and I did not only get a few hours of sleep for my bright and early class on Wednesday.

** I do not get really giddy when I am really tired. I surely did not find that out this week either. Nope not me!

** I did not fall in love with Lifetime movies this week.

** I am not in love with my turtlenecks this winter. No that would be silly and they are shirts for goodness sakes.

** I did not draw a bath and then wait 30 minutes because I got distracted on the computer. No the water was not oh so cold and I did not have to wait for the water heater to reheat.

** I did not drop my razor in the toilet and have to fish it out this week...nope, not me ;)

** I did not wake up wide awake on Friday morning. Mind you in it was 4:30AM and I was less than not thrilled to be up at such a dark hour. I then did not stay up for 21 hours following that nice wake up call. Baking sweets did not fill my kitchen Friday night nor did I actually enjoy baking up a storm.

** I did not actually go out to a coffee shop on Friday night. This is not surprising since I tend to be in bed early...what a life I know. I did not then have an Alpha Phi Omega (service fraternity) rush game night event on Saturday night either. I did not ditch my quiet evening for fun nights that I actually enjoyed :) The cookies and brownies that filled my kitchen on Friday night were gone the second they were smelled by begging college students too. I am not glad I got out of my schedule and enjoyed two nights out. No, they were not that late, but this is HUGE for me.

** Slim junior was not found gone on Friday afternoon. That is count SIX of the rat issue. I know...GROSS. I then did not find that something has been in my rice cakes, onions, and popcorn that were sealed! Uh...I am tired of slims period!

** I did not enjoy a bowl of Vanilla ice cream with a spoonful of blackberry preserves atop on Sunday night.

Hope all of you have a fabulous Monday. Be sure to visit MckMama's blog on Monday for more NMMs. Can't believe the weekend is over already. Like I say each week, the weekend REALLY needs to be longer.

Have a fabulous Monday!!!!


Rachel said...

Laughing because I SO have NOT ever drawn a bath and got distracted enough for it too cool off... or dropped my razor! :)

Julie said...

LOL about the razor in the toilet! Hope you have a great Monday!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Better your razor than your toothbrush!

Yum, those blackberry preserves again....mmmmmmmm!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Wow! 4:30 AM. You poor thing... :)
Great NM's!

The Thompson's said...

Leave it to Nicole to think of something like that. LOL It must have happened to her before watcha bet?
Great not mes as usual. Have a great week!

Love and Prayers as Always,


Beth E. said...

I am in love with my micro fleece pj's!

Don't you just love having to fish items out of the toilet?! Haha

Hope your week's a great one!

Natalie said...

Great NMM! The Razor one was awesome!

Elaine said...

I agree, weekend should be longer. Laughed over the razor. Great list, would have loved the yummy treat, especially knowing they come from another allergy home...

Have a blessed week.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Sorry to hear about the bad migraine this weekend (from post below) and I am glad you are back to talk about all the things you *haven't done*
Get some sleep this week!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy Monday! Great Not me's. Thanks for stopping by my blog-my little one is going to a GI specialist next, and they will be looking into food allergies. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon! Have a great week!

Samantha said...

Aww at the bath, I've done that before! Its so irritating having to wait to hot water to come back through!!

Fabulous Not Me!!


amanda said...

i don't get giddy when i'm tired either. good thing. because that'd just be crazy.

Lorie said...

I do that bath thing all the time.

The girls really did dance on Sat. night...some with their daddy and some alone, some with their friends and some with each other. NPayne said Elli was all about the dancing but only alone and right under the disco ball. I bet she was the cutest thing in the world. NPayne verified that she was, indeed, fabulous.

E said...

Ha ha ha, loved your Not Me's. I found WILLIE this week - Waldo the Rat's brother. He's gone now, too!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday. I sometimes get giddy when tierd also..and the icecream and blackberry sounds yummi

Megan R. said...

I love that you did NOT have to fish your razor out of the toilet bowl!! Great not mes!

Amanda said...

If you have children someday, 4:30 am may not seem all that early... Thanks for visiting my blog, great post!


4under3 said...

Oh the bummer of a lukewarm bath.

I did not draw a lukewarm bath the other night, because I started it too cold and then left and came back to a tub full of lukewarm water. Nope.