Sunday, January 11, 2009

NOT ME Monday

It's that time again...Not Me Monday will be in full swing and lots of free therapy is dealt out! MckMama is the genius behind this Not Me Monday therapy and we have her to praise thank. So here we go with the weekly and FREE therapy!

** I did not switch to Johnson's Baby Wash this week to give my skin a break to whatever it is reacting worked! Now I am not hooked to it and surly do not love the smell :)

** I did not have an absolute meltdown on my apartment floor, Sunday afternoon.

** I did not choose a healthy salad for dinner than ruin that healthy dinner by eating a tortilla along with the salad...not too healthy I know...but it was good!

** I did not gripe at some people on the road this week and critique their driving skills/bad habits because they ticked me off.

** I do not get bent out of shape when someone drives behind me while my big truck is backing out.

** I did not do a happy dance because I heard that 24 would be back on this week!

** I am not feeling the results of "Bold in the Cold."

** I am not very excited to start a new semester!

** I do not miss my family terribly and wish I were home!

** I did not make record time to Abilene on Sunday afternoon.

** I do not absolutely love Twitter!

** I did not run into two guys from my school at Office Depot and laugh really hard as we talked and talked till the store closed :)

** I did not slam my pinky finger in my glove box and scream because it hurt.

There you have Not Me Mondays...may not be as interesting as past weeks...but hey it's life! Hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Monday. MckMama makes Mondays join the Not Me Monday gang at her blog and receive FREE therapy!

Happy Monday


Rachael said...

i definitely did not get upset with other drivers either :)

Rachel said...

Wow... I'm the second Rachel to comment! :)

I hear ya on the other drivers thing... I have a quote.
"anyone driving faster than you is an idiot, anyone driving slower than you is a moron"

And that is too funny about the Johnson's Baby Wash! I tried it in desperation after I couldn't find my regular face soap anywhere... it sure is gentle on your skin!

Cute NMM! Have a great week!

Jessie said...

I do not use baby wash either. It wouldn't make my skin soft and it really doesn't smell wonderful. Why would we use it?

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Hey, how did Bold in the Cold go?Did I miss a post about this? :)
A tortilla with your salad isn't bad. I probably would have eaten the salad and used that as an excuse to have ten tortillas. Sad!

The Thompson's said...

I liked your NMM. i thought many parts of it were hilarious.

Tobi said...

I hear you about running into friends at the store and then getting completely sidetracked from what I was supposed to be doing. I'm glad that you are mostly doing well. Sorry about your pinky. That sounded painful!

Julie said...

I love the smell of Johnson's Baby Wash. Maybe I need to switch to the night time bath stuff to see if I can get some sleep...???

Jessi said...

I do NOT get mad at other drivers either and I do NOT eat healthy things to counteract the unhealthy things I eat.

Don't know if you use the original scent but interesting fact: The scent of baby lotion, wash, powder, etc. is a natural de-stresser because of the baby loving feelings our brain associates with it. Isn't that cool? Maybe I'll start using it...

Blessings and Happy Monday!

Lori said...

getting upset at drivers is a norm nowadays it seems... not sure when people will remember how to drive correctly again

Liz said...

glad the baby wash is working! two guys huh! woo woo! hope your pinky is better!...great not me's

tollesons4him said...

I found your blog from Liz's! Great not me's, I too tend to gripe at other drivers why can't drivers be like me???? LOL
Love your blog!

Courtney said...

Thanks for your "woot-woot" on my blog! :) And I LOVE Johnson's baby wash...smells awesome. We DVR'ed's been so long!

Courtney and the Boys

Lindsey said...

Aw love moments like that - when you run into friends and talk til the store closes! Very cool!

BoufMom9 said...

Ouch! Hope your pinky is ok!
How awesome to run into old friends and end up closing the place down with laughter. FUN!

Lorie said...

I love Johnsons Baby Wash....have you tried the lavender or cucumber scent? Simply DIVINE!