Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've never...

I've never been a night person...that is today's preface. I have always been an early riser and LOVE to go to bed early...not your average college student and I am ok with that :)

So I am at a National Convention till Wednesday night and was called at 12AM to say that the presentation that I was to be giving was to be at 8AM instead of 2PM. So what do I do? Unpack, get ready, shower, check email and try to turn in by 1AM. Oh no, but next door neighbors decided to throw a party. Not just a hotel gathering...a beer and karaoke singing at the top of the lungs from 1AM to 4AM party. Mind you that my alarm went off at 6ish. COME ON PEOPLE...can you just not sleep at a decent hour and party during the day? I got about 3 hours of sleep MAX and then called it quits.

My presentation went well and the other girl and I tagged teamed which went well. I have had one iced tea and a nice cup of coffee is in my future. I am sorry that I am venting/ranting, but seriously...this is a hotel people...not a keg party. Did your mother not teach you to use your inside voices and be considerate???

Hope you all are having a better Sunday and got a few more hours of sleep than I did. Please keep baby Stellan and his family in your prayers as well. I can not imagine what MckMama is going through! Visit her WEBSITE

Have a wonderful Sunday

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Beth E. said...

Wow...sorry you weren't able to sleep. Did you call the hotel management? That usually works.

Hope your presentation goes well!