Thursday, January 23, 2014

The power of the word no

I am a doer and a pleaser. There's no denying it. However, there was a time when I totally overwhelmed myself and said yes to everyone and everything. No more as I had no life other than in the car or on the road to the next event.

It's liberating, now. At the time when I said yes all the time, it was hard to switch to no. You may be thinking I've lost my mind but, in truth, I had to find a balance for what I wanted to do and others expected of me. 

Balance, for me, includes knowing my limits and when I need a break. Balance is way more than saying no. It is listening to that inner voice inside of you. It's knowing how much you can handle and moving forward. Balance is hard yet the word no is powerful! 

I had to know my limits and what I couldn't do is over give myself and then crash hard. It was a fine line, at first, but the power of no, for me, rocks lately. 

Have you found a balance for your life? 
Do you stay no to keep yourself in a balance?

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