Monday, December 9, 2013

Manitoba Harvest's products reviewed

I recently discovered Manitoba Harvest's Hemp protein powders & Hemp Hearts and have been in heaven ever sense. This protein is plant based and not dairy or another alternative. Hemp and that's it. I've been very happy with it too!

Manitoba Harvest has an excellent line of products that provide Omegas plus protein. Each product is vegan, non-gmo certified, plant-based, and free of the common allergens. For the protein powders, Manitoba Harvest has created a comparison chart for their proteins. Hemp PRO 50, Hemp plus Fiber, and the flavored versions are raw and whole food based too.

Flavor wise, all products have a slight nutty flavor but do not contain nuts. By itself or in something, Manitoba Harvest provides a great line of protein products. 

Products reviewed...

Hemp PRO 70 contains 20g of protein and 3.4g Omegas in each serving. It easily mixes into water. I've also mixed this with nonfat, greek yogurt and it tastes great.

Hemp PRO 50 contains 15g of protein, 2.5g Omegas, and 7g of fiber in each serving. It blends into things well.

Hemp PRO Fiber contains 11g of protein, 2.7g Omegas, as well as 13g of fiber per serving.

Hemp Protein Dark Chocolate contains 8g of protein, 1.4g Omegas, and 10g of fiber per serving. 

Hemp Protein Vanilla contains 9g of protein, 1.8g Omegas, and 10g of fiber per serving.

Hemp Hearts provide 10g of protein and fiber in each serving. Add into yogurt or top on salads for a protein punch. Hemp hearts have also been added to smoothies or eaten by themselves too. Manitoba Hemp hearts also have an organic blend too.

Manitoba Harvest also has a line of Hemp Oils that I have not tried yet.

In my pantry, you will find these two products. Typically, I mix Hemp PRO 70 with 6-10oz of water per serving. Hemp PRO 70 also adds protein to your favorite pancake recipe too. Hemp PRO 50 is mixed into nonfat, low sugar, greek yogurt or sour cream for a spread or by itself.  
Disclosure: All opinions are my own.

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