Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's so cool about the GFAF Expo?

Imagine life without convenience foods. Pretty dull, huh? Convenience foods have come a long since I went GF several years ago.

Several years ago, the most convenience foods out there were fairly dull and lacked variety. Since then, the allergy friendly and GF market has boomed.

Getting the 411 on new GF and allergy friendly products can be challenging if you're not attached to every single distributor and have gobs of extra time on your hands. SO, the GFAF expo is ideal for those that are looking for newer products or want to try some samples or talk with company representatives and give vital feedback.

Better yet, you get to be around people that "get it" and it's a breath of fresh air. It's nice when you don't have to explain to every single person why you are GF and beyond.

For me, being GF is a must due to a severe allergy to it and more. So, while every product may not be in my safe range, I can still share the updates and new products news directly to you. Being a Dallas blogger for GFAF Expo means that I will share new product updates, news from companies, and exciting new products on the horizon.

The GFAF expo has over 150+ vendors that are sample and coupon ready just for you. It's not all about the food though. It's about the experience and the variety that is brought to you in distance & reach.

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