Saturday, March 2, 2013

After the bite: processing

It's no secret that I teach special education nor is it a secret that I LOVE every minute of it.

However, it's not all flowers and sweets in the classroom. In special education, teaching can be lots of ups and downs and unexpected turns. I've been scratched, hit, screamed at, yelled at, and have had chairs thrown at me. However, Thursday threw me into a new category.

I have now been bit and it threw me into a loop. I didn't expect it nor could I have predicted it. 
Procedures were followed, to a degree, but no one could predict that I would be attacked. Reports have been filed at the school and district level. It's hard since the attacker is a special ed student who may or may not quite get that hurting someone is wrong. She had remorse but I can't guarantee she knew it was wrong. She has multiple issues.

Today, and this weekend, I am just processing it. It is quite painful and that Tdap shot hurt just about the same. I am not afraid of this student, though. It is a roller coaster of emotions, though and I'd like off this ride.

Today, I will just process and breathe!!

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