Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weight issues & a plan

It's no secret that I've been dealing with weight issues my whole life. I mean, I started counting calories and have lost weight. However, I plateaued for quite some time. So now I am on a modified low-carb diet but I refuse to call it "low carb" or "diet." Something about those two words make me turn off. I just don't like those words. 

So, I stick to healthy eating plan. To me, eating healthy isn't that horrific compared to dieting or low carb. 

I still count my calories on my fitness pal and workout. But I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted. So I am trying a new healthy eating regime. 

I will admit, it was tough at first. But, I am also trying to speed up my metabolism so I am eating six times a day. This is how to, apparently, per my guy I workout with. That was an adjustment to say the least. But I feel so much better on this healthy eating regime. I still eat low sugar, low carb yogurt in the morning and lots of protein throughout the day. I couldn't get rid of my raspberries so I am allowed to have my 3/4 cup raspberries with lunch. 

This is, hopefully, allowing me to be a better person and not lose weight just to gain it back. That's my biggest fear. I have struggled with ups and downs in weight and don't want to just gain it all back. 

A friend of mine said something that stuck and I thought I would share. "Weight loss is something that you lose. Some deal with their weight and its issues for life." I don't want to feel like I have to lose weight all the time. I like the way I look. I just want to perfect it and lose a little more weight. I've never had this much muscle or tone. 

So, I am just making some adjustments to my weighted issues. 

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