Monday, March 5, 2012

Disconnecting with a purpose

This weekend, I realized something. I spend way too much time "checking" my phone/computer for updates and comments. Between twitter, facebook, blogging, and more, I spend too much time caring what is going around me rather than what is going on in front of me.

So, this weekend, I realized I needed to disconnect or pull away from some of my screen time and do what I need to get done.

Ya know what?

It worked!

I haven't felt this productive in weeks and I learned that I am missing out on something that I coveted more than I realized...weekends at home.

I workout and run errands on Saturday and spend a majority of my time on Sunday at church. I realized I miss moments where I can sip my coffee (or the whole pot) while reading the news or looking at emails. I miss not having to do my hair all day or care if I am wearing the same comfy clothes for the fifth morning in a row. I miss being able to enjoy the dogs when they just wake up.

This weekend alone, I cleaned out/organized three freezers, one medicine cabinet, one bathroom closet, did 13 loads of laundry (family's too), made two huge batches of dinners for my brother and I, played with the dogs, talked to my brother, dealt with our washer coding various things, cleaned up what I haven't in a while, and enjoyed a few hours off the computer. Progress!

Life's not all about what happens on or in the screen; it's about what occurs before your very eyes!

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