Monday, September 26, 2011

It's all about my attitude

Getting back into the "school" groove has taken time, scheduling, and adjustment. There are days I'm chugging diet DP like it's going out of style and there are nights when I long to be back in the classroom.

Subbing is very different from being "the" classroom teacher but I like it.

Is it challenging to walk into the unexpected? Of course!

But there's a secret to my love of teaching that I hope I have in 30 plus years and that is attitude.

The way you present yourself to others is huge. You can be so sleep deprived or down yet you, and I, choose how we move throughout the day.

I totally understand those "off" days but it's how you get back on that road and/or horse and proceed.

It isn't easy, all the time, but attitudes do matter each & every day.

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