Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Dance with My Fitness Pal

Just after the first of the year, I started with My Fitness Pal. I was hesitant if it would help at all. I mean, I have struggled with weight since I was a teen. BUT I can honestly say, it is helping. I track my food, drinks, water, exercise, and weight on it. It even has, in its database, a full listing of specialty items and other options. It is a web-based (and FREE) program that syncs to my phone. There is a free Droid and iPhone app. I believe there is a blackberry one too. Don't quote me on that.

Based on my goals, it calculates my calories and breaks it down on how much fat, carbs, ect I can intake daily. My goal is 1-2 pounds of weight loss each week. Right now, I am allotted 1640 calories per day. Every time you lose 10 pounds, it recalculates my calories allotted based on my goals and weight.

I cannot say enough about My Fitness Pal. It is working for me. I've even added the cool tracker to track my progress too. I still have a way to go but am very happy to see results. As of right now, I've lost 40 pounds. :) Since I am 6 feet tall, I thought I carried my weight well. Um, not so much.

Now, I am seeing a huge difference in my mood and energy level plus I am finally starting to look thinner too. It makes my week when my pants fit better and are loose.

I highly recommend My Fitness Pal!

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