Sunday, April 24, 2011

Student Teaching: weeks 12 & 13

The weeks just seem to go faster & faster. To keep this short, if I can, I'll give you highs & lows.

Week 12:
Highs-I was observed on 4/15 & it went really well. I even got to reteach my lesson to the after lunch math class. It was fun.

Lows-I've had to deal with some major attitudes from fourth graders. I suppose this is payback for something.

Fun-I went to a conference with my friend, Sara, & got to hear Kirk Cameron speak. It was awesome.

Week 13:
Highs-I finished my Senior project & turned it in. I made an A, by the way. I still have three weeks of that class left. One of my students, who's new, started talking this week. HUGE DEAL. I had one student respond to a new redirecting technique & not get upset. Oh & no one got removed this week. :)

Lows-I had a chair & desk thrown at me & was growled at. The growling, I can handle, but the chair & desk are not ok.

Fun-I went home this weekend, relaxed, & made an awesome allergy-friendly & crustless cheesecake.

Three weeks left of student teaching!!

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