Friday, April 29, 2011

Student Teaching: week 14

Monday: Today was a great day. This morning, my second grade students had so much to share about the storms last night. With the hail & tornadoes, we spent a good half hour talking. They were precious. Then one upchucked and thankfully made it to the trashcan. After second grade, I spent a half hour in the library. I used to have a kindergarten student for 30 minutes but she's moving & I'm now shelving. My next few classes, fourth grade, were hyped up. They take the TAKS test on Tuesday & Wednesday. Review went well though. I did find out that I'm headed to the zoo & then a gymnastics center on Wednesday. I'm excited. The day ended up on a sour note with second graders. Attitude just doesn't bode well with them. Hopefully it won't last. Overall, today was a good day. 

Tuesday: Today was an okay day. First thing, I taught my second graders in a different room. That threw everyone off. Then no one wanted to work. In my mind, school = work but they didn't think so. That was a long hour & forty-five minutes. I had some down time due to TAKS but I used it to read a report & article. In between, my principal interrupted me and said my world was going to change. A student was acting out & so he came in my room. Desks, chairs, and materials were thrown. He had to be restrained. Eventually, he calmed down. That breaks my heart when he has a rough time. He was sent home after two hours of highs and lows. Resource math went well. Only one student did not want to work. Overall, it went well. 

Wednesday: Today was a good yet exhausting day. My second graders went to the zoo & a gymnastics sports center. I'm exhausted. ;) We've been studying the 5 animal groups (amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish) and it was so cool to see them identify them. Our zoo has new lion cubs and we got to see them play. What a riot. We also saw the typical animals & an ocelot (think miniature bobcat). We ate lunch at the park near the zoo. It was extremely windy, 25 mph NW wind, but fun. After lunch, we loaded up & went to the gymnastics center. I think I liked this part more. The teachers split the students into groups and had centers. I was in charge of the foam pit. There was a rope that hung down to allow the students to fall in the pit. There were also two slides and a board to jump into with. Where it really gets interesting is when I had to fish kids out of the 6 foot foam pit & then get put myself. Fun times! I am surprised, though, that the teachers only took care of the students without parental help. No parents came. Only the aid & I were the "help." No wonder this stresses teachers out. Counting 21 kids multiple times and checking to make sure you have the right kids when ten other schools are there is rough. Our elementary had the gymnastics place to itself. That was nice. 

Thursday: Today was good. I taught second grade spelling, reading, and language. I was impressed with their memory of the spelling words. I ended up giving the spelling test today and most did very well. One of my students decided that he would leave marks, like a dog, in the bathroom. It was just gross & disgusting. I made him clean it up and he thought he didn't have to. He got a surprise coming. My fourth graders were wired after TAKS so they were hilarious yet sweet. Introducing coordinates to them though was awesome. They connected it to battleship and chess and they started to get it. My afternoon was pretty good. Other than manners and respect out the window, it was fine. 

Friday-It's about darn time. My second graders were actually great. They worked really hard and tried. That is all I could ask for. My morning fourth graders were wild and crazy though. I did find out that next week, I can teach them again and I'm excited. I pretty much have free reign. On Fridays, they go to computer lab and they were so loud today. I was ready to duck out when it was time. I love working with them but it was overwhelming. For my resource math class, the teacher was out today so I got to teach it. I really love the way the math class is set up. My students were horrible to the sub though. When she stepped out, I laid down the law. They, mostly, shaped up. A 4th grade teacher had to leave for an appointment so I subbed in her class. I was showed up by not knowing how to "jerk" and shocked that no one knew who Spice Girls were. After TAKS, the students take it easy. I had no clue who some of the artists were when they asked to see some of the YouTube videos. Talk about education for me. I did, however, get some news after school that shocked & saddened me. Texas' budget crisis just bites. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll try not to fly away with the 40+mph winds here. 

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