Friday, April 8, 2011

Student Teaching: week 11

Monday & Tuesday-Today was rough. The fifth graders took the TAKS test on Monday & Tuesday this week. This meant that I taught both Resource English/Reading/spelling & Math. English lasts an hour and 45 minutes. That was long on Monday. I tried to be nice and let students work on the floor but that backfired. So for math, I used desks and a horseshoe table. That went much better. I have noticed who irks who & I try to prevent punches thrown on a daily basis. The fourth graders started learning about 3-D pyramids & prisms and trying to explain bases & faces has been challenging. Tuesday, in respect to resource classes & teaching by myself, went better.

Wednesday-Today was extremely rough. I had a conference scheduled but did not actually take part in it. My lead 4th grade teacher and principal took that battle. My 2nd graders were wild, disrespectful, and rude to each other. I have one child who gets mean and vicious fast and he keeps me on my toes. I did, though, nearly fall over when everyone had their homework. My Kindergartener was in speech today so I spent extra time with my fourth graders. The morning class went very well. 2nd grade resource math was okay today. Following directions went out the window. Afternoon fourth grade, different class, was rough and got rougher. One student pushed and pushed myself & the lead teacher, one student refused to work, and others could not sit still. I was d.o.n.e. after that class. I truly enjoy challenges but this was rough. My students clearly have Spring Fever. It was also ridiculously hot today at a record 98*. It was ridiculous.

Thursday- Oh my dear! The morning started off rough & landed a second grader in the office. Then my Kindergartener was a smilely, bubbly angel. It was a nice relief. The rest of the day went well. I graded no less than 200 papers & it is the end of the 6 weeks Friday. I stayed to tutor my students until 3:45 & then tutored fourth graders through 4:45. It was a long day.

Friday-Today was a hot day & Spring Fever was in full swing. My second grader, who was suspended yesterday, was an angel. I've figured out who has & hasn't taken their medications & it makes a HUGE difference on how their day goes. It's like a 180. I even got a few yes ma'am's. It was so nice. My first round of fourth graders were a huge challenge today. Plus there was a sub who usually subs for PE. It was interesting. Then when that class went out to recess; two boys threw punches on the playground. It was a knock-down drag out, pull boys off each other fight. Oh my word! My afternoon fourth graders were so good. Usually they are a challenge. It was a nice change. I enjoyed having the opportunity to work one on one with students on their corrections.

While it was a crazy week, I still enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend!!

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