Saturday, March 12, 2011

Student Teaching: week 8

The week before Spring Break was an adventure indeed. All of the students had spring fever and their behavior was less, far less, than remotely acceptable. I questioned myself my choice of profession twice this week. Some days I wanted to laugh it off while others left me frustrated. I am please that my 2nd grade student that gets removed weekly had no issues. Huge deal! Another student, sadly, took his place.

Monday: Today was the day that I thought would be the worst of the week. My 2nd graders were pretty good while my Kindergarteners were not. It was a constant battle of wills and they were not going to win. My fourth graders were surprisingly good today as well. After school tutoring was quite fun as the fourth graders really got into the story comprehension that was done.

Tuesday: Today was a really good day. I worked one on one with several fourth graders to review/correct assignments that they had done. It was awesome to see that lightbulb go off. In math, they learned a cool way to do volume as well. Even I learned something new. After school, I had my class and was shocked at how hard my midterm was. I mean, the "review" we were given and the material on the exam were completely different. It was one of the hardest tests I've had to take.

Wednesday: I can honestly say that I would not want to repeat today ever again. My sped teacher attended an ARD so I controlled and taught the class first thing. Then one student decided he dis not like that I took up his assignment with his drawing on the back. This student has been told not to draw on the back of assignments since he rushes to complete the work to draw. He said I had to give it back & I told him no. I asked all the students to get the next assignment out of their binders and he refused. He repeatedly said that he wanted his drawing back. I asked for his red folder and did not get it. The sped aid had enough before I did. She told him to get out his assignment, hand me his red folder, and to stop arguing. He refused so she said to go to the Principal's with her or she would go get him. The Principal was called down to our room. While waiting, he eventually threw his folder at me and, at first, refused to go with the Principal. In the end, he got ISS for the rest of the day. After that fiasco, I was to read a benchmark TAKS test to three students. It was not the real test. It's to see where students are. That was a painful reality as it broke my heart to watch students struggle. After students were done, they all had time to go back and prove their answer. During that time, myself and another teacher asked students to explain why they put what they did. It was an interesting hour as a student decided he was my bodyguard. The student was a third of my size. We had a faculty meeting after school and as always, it was entertaining.

Thursday: What a day. My Kindergarteners behavior was like Monday, my Fourth graders behavior was atrocious and talk about attitude, and my second graders were pretty good. Tutoring was after school with my second graders and went well. I also got evaluated by my teacher and did quite well.

Friday: Everyone did quite well today. My second graders were well behaved, my fourth graders were better today, and the students got out at one. The teachers left about two.

Next week is spring break. Woo Hoo!! It was a week indeed.

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