Monday, December 20, 2010

Kids with Food Allergies

I have Kids with Food Allergies to thank for my sanity and saving grace when I was first diagnosed with food allergies. That moment when "no one gets it" or when the comments of "just one bite won't hurt" were said. Today, I log onto KFA several times a day (that's where time goes) and receive support, encouragement, and recipes with out my allergens. KFA has been there, for me, through thick and thin. Unless you have gone through the food allergy journey, it is difficult to truly "get it." But there are a few who do "truly get it" without having FAs.

I am truly grateful for the support I receive on KFA. If you have a child with food allergies and are looking for support-KFA is the place. Online forums and allergen-free recipes truly make a difference in life. Membership is free and the support is endless. If you know of someone who needs support through their food allergy journey, recommend Kids with Food Allergies.

Through thick and thin, you are not alone in the food allergy journey. Here is KFA's newest PSA for allergies and support.

Through thick and think, no one should be alone when dealing with food allergies!!

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