Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"ME" time

Most people know that I am a senior and college and my stress level, most days, is at the critical level. So when someone says "take a little time for yourself," I usually just slough it off and stress myself out even more. I am a perfectionist and that sometimes does not bode well. So I had the opportunity to get away from it all and I took it.

I ran over to our town mall, which is small, compared to mine in DFW. Got some new tennis shoes and then walked around the mall for a while. I window shopped and scoped and just enjoyed the quiet time to myself. No phone ringing or email chiming. It was nice. My night away got even nicer when I wondered into Books A Million (BAM) and grabbed a few magazines, a hot cup of tea, and read them all cover to cover while sipping tea in a comfy chair. I rarely do this away from school so the relaxation was nice and totally rejuvenated me. I have not read a non-college book/journal in a while so this was a treat!

This "ME" time totally cleared my head and made me appreciate the time I got to pull away from chaos and stress and just have quiet time. I know realize that it was so worth it. It's amazing how other people can tell you to relax and take a break but, until you realize that you are stressed to your limit, you have to decide to break away yourself. Thanks Beth, Jenny, and anyone else who has pushed me to take time for myself. It was very needed.

How do you spend your "ME" time??

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