Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting this off my chest

Fair warning: This is a post about my family and the happenings that occurred this past weekend. If you have positive thoughts, feel free to share. Otherwise, any negative comments will be deleted.

This past weekend was my grandfather's 80th birthday celebration. It was like a mini-family reunion and I loved seeing {most of} my family. A sticky issue with my family and grandparents now is the cat. You see, my cousin found a cat in her apartment this past summer. She took it to grandma's and grandma took it in. Well...it is now November and the cat is still there. The fact of the matter is that everyone besides my cousins and grandparents is allergic to cats. My dad (their son) and I are HIGHLY allergic to cats as well.

So my family was on their way to Houston when I arrived before them. I went straight to my grandparent's house and saw the {mass} family. All of my relatives, who I barely see, in person, were there. I was so happy to see them all. Then I start to literally tear up. I knew what it was but thought {and was told} the cat was not going to be in their house over the weekend. I was misinformed...apparently! The cat came and rubbed on me. The cat was in the room a mere few minutes and I started reacting. I literally lasted 15 minutes at my grandparents' house and then had to leave. I called my mom, who was almost there, in tears and told her what had happened. I was told to go check into the hotel.

By the time I got to the hotel, my face was full blown read and reacting. I was congested and had hives. I took a HUGE dose of benedryl and calmed down a bit. It really, REALLY ticked me off. Over the events of the weekend it became apparent that my grandmother had chosen the cat over her own son and his family.

She may not realize it now but we can never stay at their house again and MY GRANDMOTHER CHOSE THE CAT OVER HER FAMILY!!! Other family members, over the weekend, asked if I was okay and I said yes but I could not be in that house for long. It is really upsetting, to me, as my dad told my grandmother from the beginning that they could not keep it and she chose to ignore the fact that we are all HIGHLY allergic to cats.

Another interesting occurrence was the fact that my 26 year old cousin acted like a total jerk and was rude and completely out of line several times. I avoided her at all costs and we dished words, though, on Friday night when she said the cat was hypo-allergenic. I literally said "The cat is a supposed stray and that is just B.S. (just the letters)." I know that ticked her off but she is a whole 'nother post that is not worth my time.

My family may be blood but right now they have my blood boiling way too much. There were some good times, over the weekend, but the fact of the matter is that I can not (ever) be in my grandparents house again and that just makes me sad.

I hope you had a much better weekend than I did!

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