Thursday, November 11, 2010

7 way

Today I embark on a seven hour trip to my grandparent's house! You see, it's my grandfather's 80th birthday celebration weekend. It's going to be like a mini-family reunion as family from across the country are coming in for this grand event. It has taken weeks of planning and cooking all night (literally for me) for this weekend to be here. It has finally arrived. What am I looking forward to the most? The drive!

I love my family dearly and am excited to see them all but I love seeing life outside my window. I like driving through those small towns and seeing the difference between small and big towns. I like seeing new Texas signs and towns. I like the alone time. I love the time to spend singing along to music and seeing the different sides of Texas.

I have not seen my family since August so am excited to see them too. Indeed, I need the break but the anxiety and stress (with finals just around the corner) is a wee bit much for me to handle. So my mission is to relax as much as possible (ha) and enjoy the stories I will hear this weekend.

Happy Friday to you!!

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