Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EIGHTH concussion: Game over

On Friday, August 13th, a boy went down while playing in a football scrimmage. This boy was not on my brother’s team. It did not look good as no pads nor helmet was removed and the boy seemed lifeless on the field as paramedics worked on him. On Monday, the team and parents were told by the Athletic director, via email, that the boy had had several concussions before and was in a total neck brace to stabilize his neck for the time being.

What we were told next was shocking. This was the boy’s EIGHTH concussion and the last one he had made him sit on the sidelines all season last year. This concussion was the most severe a concussion can be. His football days are over as he is now in a neck brace and the Athletic Director will not let him step foot on the field again.

My question is-why did the coach or the parents let him play after the first or second concussion? Did they not remember that football is just a GAME and it should not be a life or death call? Were they afraid of letting the boy down? Why allow this boy to shatter his life before it starts? I do not have these answers but am still shocked that this boy was even allowed to play with his concussion history.

The new A.D. told our parents that the boy would not be playing again. Football should not be a life or death sport. Football is just a game. Even my brother said, “It’s not worth your life.” Play the game and not with your life!

Life is precious at any age!!

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