Monday, April 19, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Why is it that the weekend goes WAY faster than the week day grind? I have no idea but I can't wait for the next one. ;) MckMama is hosting another free therapy session of NMM so I thought I would join along this week! :) So here goes another edition of this past week!

This past week...

I did not drop a full bag of rice on the floor, sweep the counter of rice into the sink, and come back that night to deal with the aftermath of the rice that night. Nope not me! I always clean up right then and there.

I did not think to myself that my momma would be proud that I am finally watching "Gene Simmons family Jewels" since she has tried to get me to watch it for a year or two! ;)

I did not throw a temper tantrum when my three inch binder broke since it costs more money then I was willing to spend again. It's required for a class so I guess I will be shelling out more $$ today for a new one.

I did not wonder how I will survive the next two weeks from heck before finals. This whole 19 hours is kicking me out the wazoo and kind of makes me nuts right now.

I do not usually loose my mind by Tuesday!

Hope you have a great Monday

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